Flexible, reliable and simple

Systems are deployed quickly,added or reconfigured without manual reconfiguration

Integrates with existing systems through multi-protocol support

Multipath mesh networks supports the most stringent disaster prevention plans

Reliable transmission in demanding environments

Wireless Sensors Routers header

Wireless Sensors routersSensiNet Mesh Router

The SensiNet MESH-1020 is a message-routing device for data acquisition that automatically configures itself into a wireless mesh network and serves to wirelessly extend the reach of the entire SensiNet system by receiving and re-routing messages. This extension can be for the purpose of additional path redundancy or to extend the range of the network beyond that which is capable of a single point to point connection.

SensiNet Network Benefits

Reliable – Mesh networking provides multiple acknowledged and error checked communication paths for data acquisition ensuring the message always gets through while spread spectrum, frequency hopping radio technology eliminates interference effects. The network is also self healing and able to recover from interruptions by seeking alternate paths. All communications are acknowledged and checked for errors.

Flexible – Move, add or eliminate sensors and the network reconfigures itself automatically.

Universal – Multiple protocols including Modbus, OPC, SNMP, ODBC, and Web Services ensure system compatibility or operate the system as a stand alone data logging system with local or web based logging.

Scalable – The same network can start with a single point and grow to thousands without replacing any components or performance degradation.