Environmental Monitoring Systems

Sensors not located where they’re needed?

Wiring is expensive or impossible?

Sensor data is not easily accessible?

Software is inflexible and expensive to maintain?

Wireless Sensors Products Overview

products overview waterproof wireless sensorproducts overview wireless sensorSensors

We offer a wide range of sensor types and configurations to suit any application. From ambient temperature and humidity in data centers to cryogenic storage in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. You can even feed signals from third party sensors into the system to take advantage of our advanced networks.


Deploying a sensor network is easy with our choice of wireless mesh technology or Ethernet enabled sensors. They can even be combined to fit the needs of your unique application. Wireless where you need it, wired where you don't.


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products overview wired gatewayGateways

Our powerful wireless AND wired gateways make sensor data available where and when it’s needed. Simply provide an Ethernet connection and a browser and you have an operating system. View, trend and alert without additional software or feed data into control and enterprise networks though a rich suite of standard protocol support. Simple does not need to be limited.


products overview gway2100products overview gway2105


Our software provides real time data access, trending, alarming and reporting through simple browser access and sophisticated analytics turn raw sensor data into actionable information.

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